Affiliate Marketing is one of the largest online industries and is a key source of income for many. What is website affiliate program? Affiliate works as intermediaries between merchant and the customer. They market the merchant’s product on their platform and earn a commission from the merchant upon successful sales.

To become a website affiliate, you must keep the following points in mind:

Create your own website

The first thing to become an affiliate is to have a good online following and the easiest way to have it is by having your own website. Creating a website has become very easy by using website builders like WordPress. It gives you full control over your website even if you are not tech savvy. All you have to do is buy a domain name and hosting, you can check available domain names on or Install WordPress and start building your website. You can also use thousands of already created WordPress themes to get your website running quickly.

  • Choose a niche topic

Second important thing to start affiliate marketing is to have a niche topic for your website. Identify your own interests and passion about some topics and start writing articles and blogs about it on your website. Fill your website with the great content so that online users will come to your website and your following increases. Once you have a niche, choose products and start promoting them on your website. The easiest way to find products is by using affiliate programs like Amazon Associates, ShareASale and find products on their site.

  • Attract the right audience

You can get a lot of audience on your website, but you should make sure that it is the right one. As a affiliate marketer you must have such content on your website that users come on your website for some information and may eventually lead to a transaction. Use analytics to see what keywords your audience is using to search information. A very good analytics tool is Google Analytics.

  • Promote your website to your niche

So now you have a website and the right content on your website, all you have to do is to promote your website to the right user. To target your promotions to the right niche, you can use Social Media Marketing tools like Facebook ads, Instagram ads and most importantly, Google Ads. Start putting affiliate links to right places on Google ads.

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