Affiliate marketing is an online marketing strategy that was first implemented by the mighty Amazon. The success was so big that turned a trend on the web.

The use of affiliate programs is one way of monetizing websites, that is, generating income for a website or blog, which can be used as the main source of profitability or in conjunction with other strategies.

By participating in an affiliate marketing program you can dedicate some areas of your blog or website to display ads for brands that participate in these programs. From this view, you’ll receive a value based on ads clicks, product sales, or, for example, sign-up for newsletters.

How You Make Money With Affiliate Marketing

Lets jump to the practical part of the business and explain how to make money from affiliate marketing. As I said earlier, you should have a blog or content site and within this site you will provide specific areas for insertion of ads.

If you are working with a content platform like WordPress this is very simple and does not require any kind of programming knowledge. There are even specific plugins for this. If it is another platform, you should talk to your developer.

Using WordPress you can even set up a virtual store with affiliate programs and have an e-commerce where you sell products from other stores and earn a commission for it, without worrying about means of payment or delivery of the products.

The programs, for the most part, pay in two different ways:

Cost Per Click – A system where you receive a certain amount every time your ad is clicked. This is how AdSense pays participants to your affiliate program.

Cost Per Acquisition – This is the system where the advertiser pays a percentage on every sale that occurs when a visitor makes a purchase that originated in the click of a banner displayed on your site.

It sounds simple, but in fact there is a lot of technique involved, such as the location of the ad and the correct choice of your affiliate programs.

How To Choose An Affiliate Marketing Program:

One of the secrets that everyone wants to know is how to make money from affiliate marketing, so you should choose the programs to which you are affiliated. You can and should work with several of them, but you have to know how to choose.

First, work with affiliate marketing systems that offer products and services that have to do with the theme of your blog or website. Also, always look for programs that have a good variety of advertisers.

Currently there are several affiliate marketing programs available, covering the most varied segments. Among them, the best known are:

Google AdSense – The World’s Largest and Most Comprehensive Affiliate Program

Spider Ads – AdSense-like affiliate program with more formats

Hot Words – Similar program to Google AdSense and Spider Ads

Lomadee – BuscapĂ© affiliate program focusing on product sales

CPT Courses – Affiliate program for courses in various areas of entrepreneurship

24 Hours Courses – Program for the sale and indication of online courses

Hotmart – Affiliate Program with a focus on infoproducts

To participate in these programs, you just have to access the site, make your application and wait for the approval of your site, and then have access to the codes of the ads to insert into your website or blog.

Affiliate programs are a great option for anyone who wants to make money on the internet, but you need to be mindful of each one’s rules.

Some of them do not allow participation in others and there are programs that strictly prohibit the use of marketing tools like sponsored links and social networks. It’s good to check it out right.

The tricks to make money with affiliate marketing:

For you who are interested in how to make money from affiliate marketing, know right away that there are no secrets reserved only to affiliate marketing “gurus”. In Online Business, what really exists is planning, technique and a lot of hard work.

The first of the “tricks” is to focus on the public and not on the money itself. That’s the big mistake made by most of the blogs that are springing up in this wave of “golden pot sellers” that have hit the Internet lately.

To make money from affiliate marketing you need to focus on the content of your website before thinking about money.

Most of these blogs do not produce quality content, but only create a background for hanging their “Fortune Formulas” ads.

The second of the “tricks” is quite simple. Be professional and look for serious training in digital marketing in areas like SEO – Optimization of websites for search engines, Google Analytics and Google AdSense.

These are digital marketing tools that help you give your site visibility, understand audience behavior, and position your ads well. The Marketing Academy is a great choice for anyone who wants to take a serious course in these areas.

The third and last “trick” for anyone who wants to know how to make money from affiliate marketing is to be professional. Consider this activity as a serious business and not as a joke or action between friends.

The ideal is to take a good course of affiliate programs to really understand how the business operates and work in a professional manner.

You will not be a digital entrepreneur just because you created a blog and put a bunch of ads in it that actually do not even make $ 100 a month. The successful digital entrepreneur works seriously and is not satisfied with crumbs in her bank account.

Now that you already know how to make money from affiliate marketing, it’s a matter of deepening your research, designing your project, and going for execution.

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