Affiliate marketing has come a long way since its inception but how does one promote affiliate products on social media is still a real challenge for many people.

Being a successful affiliate is not as easy as signing up to an affiliate program. It can be an exhausting process that requires a well-thought-out strategy, particularly with regards to affiliate marketing on social media. For beginners it may be difficult to spread the word or reach the right audience, but that’s where this article is going to assist.

The following is a quick guide concerning using affiliate marketing links on social media. Use these strategies to drive good volume of sales and increase your earnings significantly. 

Niche-specific Groups Promotion

As an affiliate marketer, such popular social media websites, as Facebook and LinkedIn are some of the best platforms to promote services or products. 

In terms of organic audience, you should search for groups that are closely related to your niche. These groups are one of the most effective ways to spread your message. 

Moreover, there are some online communities that promote high paying affiliate products. Such communities and groups are a great place to reach the right audience and market your product. Moreover, such groups have a great chunk of marketers that can refer you to affiliate programs for added commission.

How to find a specific group? If, for example you are into cloud hosting business, you should search for groups that web designing, web development, web hosting, etc. related. This way, you will be able to convey your affiliate store to the right audience without investing any money.

Be a Community’s Influencer

Community marketing is gaining traction thanks to its rapid results. The usual question is what exactly is a community? Simply put, a community is a group of people related to your niche and your target market as an affiliate.

To boost up your sales, you should build a profile that influences people within the community. You will learn that one of the most interesting and crucial part for a business is the profile building . If a good profile rakes in positive reviews, similarly a bad profile affects business negatively.

In both, online and offline communities, the success of an affiliate marketer primarily depends on the credibility and reputation of the product being marketed. Keep an eye out for products with good community inclination since they are likely to sell easily.

Deliver Value With Quality Content

Apart from selecting the right product to promote, as a marketer you need to have the right set of words when promoting your product. Affiliates often confuse sales pitch with content and that’s where things don’t work out well.

An engaging blog that addresses updates, news, and trends about your products’ industry, is another way to reach the right audience. Customers looking for specific news about the industry are more likely to stumble upon your website and review your product as well.

The world’s biggest beverage company, Coke, has a great blog, which is a good example to emphasis the importance of content. 

Incorporate your Product Images in the Content

Our brains responds better to images and that is why you should specially emphasize on graphical representation as an affiliate marketer.

Incorporating in your content product images is one of the best marketing practices. Consumers are more likely to purchase a product or service after getting to see it. 

Moreover, social media platforms have higher reach and engagement rate with images. When it comes to closing the deal, itt can’t be emphasized enough. Make sure to include your product images if you wish to see conversion. 

Marketers are also advised to include product images whenever ad copy appears, when promoting on social media; this increases engagement level ad revealed by research. 

Create Shortened URLs for Affiliate Redirect

As weird as it may sound lengthy affiliate links and URLs are less appealing to users. Luckily there are options to shorten the affiliate URLs. All you need is a URL shortener tool like Tinyurl, to make your affiliate links look more concise and attractive.

The best advantage of shortened URLs is that users are more likely to share a short link. 

Furthermore, short URLs are more manageable on social media hence have a high click through rate. 

Some of the most popular URL shorteners used by affiliate marketers for example,,, 

Promote Catchy Offers

be on the hunt to promote offers or products that have potential to sell like hot cakes if you want to survive in the world of affiliate marketing. 

Seasonal campaigns, discount offers, or outstanding products should be promoted on a regular basis. This practice affects the credibility of the affiliate as well as the platform that is used.

Even though affiliates can promote anything within their circle, supporting an unappealing product is no different than starring in a flop movie. 

To Sum It Up

Being an affiliate is not a walk in the park, however, social media has made it comparatively easier thanks to its reach. It has become a great source for marketers to spread the word through viral, organic and paid methods. 

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