If you are at the early stages of your affiliate marketing journey, you may think you need a solid training program to master the affiliate marketing field of knowledge.

Affiliate marketing as a trade requires a substantial background in order to become efficient and most importantly profitable.

Thereby, unless you have the time to learn Affiliate Marketing by trial and error, your second best option is to join some reputable, usually online, affiliate marketing training course or courses that will guide you through the process, specifically teaching you about the Affiliate marketing techniques, prior to being ready to strike out on your own.

In most cases, marketers need to gain these skills fast since they are expected to bring certain results in a constrained time frame. Thus, they research for the most efficient ways to learn the craft of affiliate marketing in hope of finding some up-to-date free affiliate marketing blog posts, training, guides, ebooks and/or tutorials that will help them embark on this new journey and provide them with strong fundamentals and help learn them.

It’s important when you learn about the process of Affiliate Marketing to not feel overwhelmed. If you decide to learn on your on, the following is a compilation of the process required to get started. So let’s dive in and discover what’s involved. 

The Affiliate Marketing Process

1. Pick a topic

Pick a topic that you are interested in that as per your research, also has a lot of market potential. Think of a niche that you like, and consider whether there are many products associated with this niche, as well as a large audience worldwide. 

Topics can be found (or “niche,” as affiliates call it) with some online research that includes forums, social media, and blog posts. You may find lessons to help you with this process of research through the market research section of Affilorama’s free lessons. 

2. Find the right products to promote online

Once you’ve picked a niche that you are interested in, it’s time to find some products that you can promote. There are many websites with hundreds of such products, already divided by niche – affiliate networks – where you can browse, and find advice concerning how to choose the best ones for you. Once you’ve identified several products that are right for you, you will need to join the network and ultimately get an affiliate link for them.

3. Create a website

Next up, you need to design a website. While at first glance this may sound extremely confusing and difficult, it really isn’t. WordPress as well as similar sites makes it fast and simple simple for anyone to build a quality website. Alternatively you can reach out freelancers from such websites as Fiverr or Upwork. 

4. Enter the relevant content to you website

It’s time to add content to your website, so create engaging content that will drive traffic. Focus on content that will be interesting to the people who are geared towards your niche, while including the affiliate links throughout in the most relevant places. When someone is searching for such content clicks your link, they go to a sales page for a product that they might already be interested in. If they buy it – or as the industry lingo refers to it as “conversion” – you get a commission!

5. Promote your website

Once you’ve set all of the above up, what is left to do is promote your website in a manner that would deliver more traffic to your content, hence  more potential for commissions from referred sales. 

There are many different marketing strategies out there, from advertising to social media but this part should not concern you at this point. The most important thing at this point is just to get started. 

If the process sounds too overwhelming, then as we first mentioned, there are some great online courses that will leave no stone unturned. 

So let’s dive into it and become an affiliate marketing champ.


Udemy – Gold mine of affiliate marketing knowledge

Udemy features over 253 training courses on affiliate marketing. Thanks to their great UX design you can easily filter courses by ranking on the platform. We suggest you select a course with a 4.5 rating and up to see highest rated courses and browse courses tagged as bestsellers.

Some of the courses offered in Udemy are focused on a narrow topic, such as Affiliate Marketing with Google Editor, while others approach the topic of affiliate marketing in a broader manner.

Pay special attention to courses submitted by well-known and reputable affiliate networks such as Clickbank.


Income School – Project 24

Project 24 is a very professional and well thought out course. It is highly beneficial to beginners because by joining this course one doesn’t need to spend any money on extra tools or services.

But most importantly, the course gives you a complete roadmap to growing an affiliate site and breaks down how to accomplish this, without risking money or taking a risk of being penalized by Google.


Wealthy Affiliate – Wealthy Affiliate is one of our top choices for anyone who is interested in learning how to create an online business. The training is the best out there and websites and hosting are all included in the program so this is a true one stop shop. The course also offers a free option to join without any credit card so that you can see for yourself what is available in the program before you make a purchase.

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