Generating traffic is often the top problem faced by marketers today. Increasing traffic via Social Media is a skill worth mastering! Everyone with a business, product or service now know that they should be on Social Media promoting it.

Many turn to Social Media thinking they can get free traffic as it’s been commonly assumed it’s easy. Still, what may be easy for some, won’t come easy to all. Nevertheless one can make it much simpler if they aren’t trying to spread themselves too thin by juggling too many Social Media platforms.

Simply because your business, product or service should be on Social Media, does not mean it should be on each and every platform. It is merely important that you select and work on the Social Media platforms that work best for your objectives.

To achieve that, you should first isolate which Social Media network best suits your purposes as well as which one does a better job at bringing your message to the right audience.



Facebook is considered the top social network on the web as most people may have known. Facebook offers one of the best methods for people from all over the world to connect with your business. With an estimate of over 1.5 billion monthly visitors, approximately over 2 million belong to small to medium-sized businesses that using Facebook to promote their business.

Facebook is indeed the best place to start promoting your business, independent of the industry you are in. Therefore, if you are going to try and promote your business on Facebook successfully, the first thing you should do is create a Facebook page for your business.

Facebook is great for pretty much anyone and everyone but it does favor those who have an engaging and friendly manner. You need to interact with your followers and give them incentives to like your page. 

A creative and inviting cover photo is important. Your goal is for people to know what you’re about within first glance. Also, make sure you optimize this for mobile

Your profile pic is a bit more important as this is what people see in their news feeds. 

Your page should be updated on a regular basis promotions, engaging content and videos. 

Spending a small budget to promote your page or boosting a post is a great method to launch your page. 

Make sure to create a call to action button on your page. 

Remember that most engagement happens towards the end of the week. Research shows that image posts tend to get 100% more engagement than simpletext posts. 

Be more social by commenting on other pages as well in order to get your name out there. 

A great tip would be to find relevant pages with a large number of followers and comment under your business page, but work hard drafting this comment: your goal is to get a reply by the page owner. 

A reply by the page’s owner will get your comment higher in the feed hence your business page name will be seen by thousands. 



With an estimated 300 million unique monthly visitors, most businesses utilize Twitter to interact with prospective clients, answer support questions, release statements and also post targeted ads. 

Twitter allows real time responses for immediate engagement with your customers. Twitter gives you the opportunity to shine at customer service and make people trust you more.

The best practice would be to follow successful accounts from the same industry to see what they are tweeting about. Try to imitate their tactics and slowly gain your own following.

Keep a tweeting routine and check all of your interactions. By replying to tweets and retweeting interesting tweets you will gain more followers!

Staying active is the key with Twitter. Use the well known hashtag feature to keep up with the latest trends and events. 

Similarly to Facebook, image tweets receive 20% more clicks, 85% more favorites, and 150% more retweets.

Twitter is great for posting several times a day without looking like a spammer. 

Keep in mind that the average lifespan of tweet is extremely short, which is why you should ‘tweet’ quite frequently. 



LinkedIn garners more than 250 million estimated unique monthly visitors, of professionals.

LinkedIn is an excellent Social Media platform dedicated for B2B (Business to Business) marketing and not so much B2C (Business to Customer).  

LinkedIn is popular among businesses that wish to connect with suppliers, customers, important people and potential networking partners.

Linkedin is a great platform for reaching out to potential customers or clients about what you do or provide, so that when someone needs your services, there you are.

Join related groups and discussions, where you can get people’s feedback and opinions and thereby learn many marketing strategies. 

LinkedIn is mostly used, to promote yourself professionally and/or your business by making connections with other professionals.

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